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CD Placilla

Sociedad de Transportes Jaacs has 24 years of experience in the transportation business.

Currently, our operations center is located at 5 Oriente 345 Viña del Mar. We have a Risk Prevention, HR, Logistics, and Legal Department, which provide support to the operation nationwide.


We are proud to have several specialized departments that support our operations nationwide. These departments include Risk Prevention, Human Resources, Logistics and Legal Advice, which play a fundamental role in supporting our operation.

The Risk Prevention department is in charge of guaranteeing the safety and well-being of our collaborators and clients, implementing preventive measures and promoting a safety culture in all our activities.

Our Human Resources team is dedicated to efficiently managing the human talent of our organization, ensuring an adequate selection, training and development of our personnel, in order to achieve the objectives of the company.

The Logistics department is in charge of coordinating and optimizing the distribution and transport of merchandise, guaranteeing efficient management of resources and timely delivery to our clients throughout the country.

Lastly, we have a Legal Advisory team that provides support and legal advice on aspects relevant to our operation, guaranteeing compliance with current rules and regulations.

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